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Zhongshan LuBo gas co., LTD., established in2010Years09Month,Located in the guangdong province zhongshan torch development zone, linhai industrial park west door 2 wai,Cover an area of an area2800㎡,Is a production and operation of industrial gas and liquid helium、Professional company of special gas such as helium,After years of construction and perfect,At present has become the industrial gases industry in guangdong province and special gas industry leading enterprises,Now has specialized in the production of all kinds of industrial gases、Preparation of special gas ability,Sales of radiation throughout the pearl river delta area and adjacent area。Gas product variety is complete,Are of good quality、Considerate service,And gas industry senior engineering and technical personnel to provide clients with equipped with liquid helium、Low temperature storage tank and pipeline engineering installation and maintenance、Equipment installation and debugging、Technical consulting and other business。

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  • (A)Industrial gas industry  1、Industrial gas industry  In the industry,Under the atmospheric pressure of gaseous products are collectively referred to as industrial gas products。According to the preparation methods and application fields...

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